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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
NON – VATABLE UNITS (units with TLP below Php 3,199,200)
Deferred Cash, 100% in 56 mos
Spread DP, 20% in 55 mos / 80% Cash or Bank Financing
Easy Payment Scheme, 10% DP / 10% in 54 mos / 80% Cash or Bank Financing
VATABLE UNITS (units with TLP Php 3,199,200 and above
Deferred Cash, 100% in 56 mos
Spread DP, 18% in 55 mos / 82% Cash or Bank Financing
Easy Payment Scheme, 10% DP / 8% in 54 mos / 82% Cash or Bank Financing

Why should you choose Alegria Cagayan?

There are more reasons than one to pick this property for your real estate investment. There is a wide range of housing units available, ranging from 378 to 745 square meters.

It is by Ayala Land Premier. There is nothing an investor could ask for dealing with this top developer. It has been around for over a hundred years, proving its solid background in the real estate industry.

Alegria Hills in CDO is also a promising spot for business, leisure, education, entertainment and all for life’s modern needs and wants. It is near schools, hospitals, government offices, key business areas, transport systems, places of worship and so many more. Living here, you will feel like in the middle of it all!

Real estate is also one of the best investments that can secure your future.  It is a long-term, profitable investment, as its value increases as time goes by due to high demand but limited availability of land. By owning real estate, you’re putting your money into profitable use. You can have your unit resold for profit or rented/leased for income.

Alegria Hills also offers great natural settings, providing you with a 360° view of the surrounding mountains, the bay and the city. There are also viewing decks in the property that lets you see these things better.

Alegria Hills in CDO is indeed one of the wisest investments to make whether you’re a seafarer, an OFW, a young professional, a newlywed, a retiree or simply someone who wants to invest on something profitable in the future.

Are you ready to invest at Alegria Hills? Ask us how today!

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